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Can I have more puzzles?

Yes, you can! We are happy you like our puzzles. Download as many as you want from here:


It looks like there are some pieces are missing… ?

They are not missing, they are just hiding very well! Jokes aside, they might be lying on top of other pieces or you are just trying to move a piece that was already put in the right spot. If you are using the zoom tool try to zoom back and you might be able to find the missing pieces.

Can I change the number of pieces?

Yes you can, but remember, you have to restart your puzzle to play with the new set up.

What is the tray? Can I turn it off while playing?

Yes you can on the iPad only. The pieces of the puzzle that are still to be place are sitting on the tray (sidebar). You can choose to turn OFF this feature randomly scattering the pieces on the screen. BE CAREFUL, if you change your mind again and you switch ON the tray for a second time you will have to start your puzzle from scratch.

How can I see the picture that I am completing?

You can see it on your iPad only. You just have to click on the frame tool button. One click to have the frame of the image. Two clicks to have a shadow picture on your game screen.

"Game is damaged and cannot be opened". This is what my iPad/iPhone told me.

This is a very common issue that could randomly happen to any kind of app. The file might have been corrupted when an update to an app was downloaded from the app store. Try to fix it in this way:

1. Log out of the App Store: Open the “App Store” app and from the menu bar of the App Store, click on “Store -> Sign Out”.

2. Restart your device.

3. Open the “App Store” again and log back in to the App Store (Store -> Sign In). Now start up the game and see if it works well.

If this doesn’t fix the issue, delete the game and re-install. Your purchase and your progress will not be lost if you delete the app and re-install it in the right way. Let me now explain to you how  to do it:

1. Go to the  Launchpad on your device, click and hold on the icon of the app game until it starts to shake, then click the ‘X’ icon appearing above it to delete it. Do not delete the app by any other methods and do not drag it to the Trash.

2. Log out of the App Store: Open the “App Store” app and from the menu’ bar of the  App Store and select “Store -> Sign Out”.

3. Restart your Device

4. Open the “App Store” and log back again in to it (Store -> Sign In), then switch to the “Purchases” tab, click the “Install” button next to the game to re-install it.

5. Now you can start up the game and restore any purchases from the Options and Upgrade screen, then exit and re-start, to see if it works well now..

The game freezes and/or crashes, what can I do?

Oh well, in this case it may sound not very innovative, but the old school move to reboot your device might fix the issue. Give it a go, your tablet or phone might have been temporarily out of memory.

If you do not achieve any results with these suggestions, try to delete the game and to re-download from scratch, or contact us!

Any suggestions or questions?

We’d love to have your feedback! Get in touch with us by filling the form below.